You may not feel any pain after a Car Wreck.

Here is Why:

A car injury lawyer in Arlington, Fort Worth or Dallas can explain to you how common car wreck injuries differ from person to person and car wreck to car wreck.

It is common not to notice some of the injuries you sustain immediately after a car wreck because of the adrenaline rushing through your body. This is why it is so important to not “wait and see” if you feel better.

Common Car Accident Injuries include:

Brain Injuries
  • Taking a blow to the head, or suffering a head piercing injury can damage the brain. TBI, also known as Traumatic Brain Injury, may be mild, like a concussion that heals on its own over time, or can be a severe injury that impairs critical functions. Critical TBI injuries can cause loss of speech, vision, concentration, memory and emotional control.
Other Head Injuries
  • Injury or damage to the eyes, which can result in partial or full blindness, injuries to the ear that can result in a loss of hearing, facial or jaw fractures, or other dental issues that cause a loss of teeth.
Neck and Back (Whiplash)
  • Whiplash in the most common injury suffered in a car accident. It is a neck and/or back injury in which the neck and/or back stretches and quickly snaps back into place due to a car suddenly stopping or accelerating.
  • Whiplash suffered in an auto accident can damage the vertebrae, ligaments, disks, or the spinal cord itself. This can cause paralysis, nerve damage, herniations or loss of function in one or more limbs.
  • Even without loss of function, severe neck and back injuries can cause chronic pain that significantly reduces the quality of life.
  • Whiplash can also cause cervical fractures (broken neck). Cervical fracture injuries range from severe to fatal, from paralysis, loss of sensation or instant death.
  • Another type of neck injury may also be the result of a blow that hits the larynx (voice box) or trachea. A tracheal injury or larynx injury could cause compromised or permanent voice hoarseness, difficulties breathing, or airway obstruction. 
Chest Injuries
  • The crushing impact of a collision can break ribs and/or the sternum, particularly if a driver or passenger was not restrained by seat belts. This severity of chest injuries has been greatly reduced by the standard placement of airbags in dashboards and steering wheels, but fractures and injuries to organs still occur.
  • A diaphragm rupture (a tear of the muscle across the bottom of the rib cage that is crucial to respiration) is a common result of blunt or penetrating trauma to the lumbar spine (lower back) or lower chest.
Pelvis / Abdominal Injuries
  • Compressive pelvic injuries and injury to abdominal organs are common in motor vehicle accidents. The liver, spleen and kidneys are frequently injured in front and side impact collisions.
Leg and Knee Injuries
  • Most leg and knee injuries in car accidents are impact or crush injuries caused by smashing into a part of the car. This can result in wounds that range from contusions (bruises) to a fracture or multiple fractures. Knees are also susceptible to meniscus tear (tearing of cartilage in the knee) if they are abruptly twisted or turned.
Foot Injuries
  • Ankles, feet and toes can easily be strained, sprained or broken (fractured) in a car accident.
  • Feet, toes and other limbs can also be severed, though this is a more common injury in motorcycle accidents.

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Car wreck injuries can be serious:

It is ordinary to not feel pain symptoms until a day or two after a car wreck. Sometimes these symptoms can remain hidden for even longer. It is always advisable to seek medical treatment if you have any suspicion that you are injured.

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