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Were You Injured In a Car Wreck?

The first thing a car accident lawyer will warn you of is that there are car wreck injuries you might not even know you have. It is not uncommon to feel fine the day of the wreck, and then be in excruciating pain and/or find injuries from the car accident days later. Do not wait to find the best car accident attorney to get you the automobile accident settlement you deserve.

$10,000,000+ Car Accident Fatality

You need the right fatal car accident lawyer to fight for you, and we have the best car wreck fatality attorney in Texas. When it comes to a wrongful death in a car accident, the lawyer representing you should know what to do at every step of the legal process. The wrongful death attorneys at Matthew Pillado PLLC have years of experience, so you are guaranteed to get the representation you deserve.

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“Do I really need a car wreck lawyer?”

Yes. So many people try to fight the big insurance company alone and usually end up regretting that decision.

“Even if it was just a minor car wreck or fender bender?”

Yes. You do not know the extent of the damage – both to your property and your body. Do not say you are fine until you know for sure.

What should I do after a car accident?

-1- Think About Safety.

Stay calm and call the police. No matter what the other person says or asks.

Clear yourself from the accident. Get out of the roadwayespecially busy Texas highways.

Listen to the 911 operator and police—they are there to help.

-2- Seek Medical Help.

Seek medical attention immediately. Ask for an ambulance to check you out.

At the minimum, get an ice pack for the potential bruising that is likely to follow.

Even if you do not feel like you were injured, be aware that sometimes injuries will not appear until hours or days after an accident. Learn more. In fact, most people are in such shock that they immediately say they are fine and that they are not hurt. Do not do this; you do not know if you are hurt. You need to get cleared by a medical professional.

Common injuries that happen in auto accidents include whiplash, concussions, broken bones, contusions, and abrasions. Learn more.

-3- Collect Information.

Usually, police will obtain this information for you. Be sure the police get the other person’s insurance information correctly.

If possible, take notes of the car position, weather, road conditions, time, place, and traffic violations.

Take pictures of the accident and any visible injuries.

Contact a personal injury lawyer immediately. The first few hours are crucial to your case.

-4- Protect Your Rights.

Seek personal injury protection from Matthew Pillado. Our car wreck attorney will give you a free consultation. We can also help you get set up with fair and understanding medical providers.

Though the actual number varies, victims of car accidents almost always get more for their settlement with a dedicated car accident lawyer.

Insurance companies have attorneys fighting for them; you should have someone fighting for you too.

What is it like being a Dallas car wreck attorney?

Being an accident lawyer in Dallas & Fort Worth is not always easy. We take every case personally at Matthew Pillado PLLC.

If you need a personal injury attorney or suspect that you might, do not wait. Contact us now for a free, no-hassle and no-obligation consultation.

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Different car wreck lawyers.

Matthew Pillado, PLLC prides itself on client communication. Unlike other law firms where you spend most of your time talking with the legal assistant, when you call Matthew Pillado you speak directly to an actual attorney.

At Matthew Pillado PLLC. the personal injury lawyer, Mr. Artemio Fernandez, will handle your claim from start to finish:

  • He will provide a free legal consultation in person or over the phone.
  • He will visit you at your house if transportation is an issue.
  • He will give you his personal office cell phone number.
  • He will be available day or night.
  • He will represent you through settlement negotiations or through the litigation/lawsuit process.

Give us a call or text at 1-800-672-3911 or email Mr. Fernandez at AF@MatthewPillado.com.

To learn more about Mr. Fernandez and the other members of Matthew Pillado, PLLC be sure and check out who we are. We look forward to meeting with you.

Hit by a drunk driver? Learn more.

Hit by an 18-wheeler or commercial truck? Learn more.

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